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Holistic Financial Planning

Financial planning for every milestone.

We take a holistic approach to financial planning and believe that to be the best way to enhance the success rate of a plan. Financial planning encompasses so many different areas of your life, and our goal us to help you understand how each affects the other. Whether you're starting a family or opening a new business, retiring from a lifelong career or saying goodbye to a loved one; we know that life changes, and we want to be there every step of the way. 

We are more than financial planners. We are accountability partners, educators and supporters with one goal: to help empower our clients to be good stewards of their money. That's why we use the Six Key Areas of Financial Planning, outlined below.

Financial Position Photo

Financial Position

  • Know your current net worth
  • Track your current income & expenses
  • Manage your debt
  • Project your current net worth income & expenses
Adequate Protection Photo

Adequate Protection

  • Help provide for survivors in case of premature death
  • Help protect a portion of income lost if disabled
  • Help protect your ability to meet your accumulation goals
  • Help protect your ability to pay off outstanding debt
Wealth Accumulation Strategies Photo

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

  • Create & maintain adequate cash reserve strategies
  • Provide for education expenses
  • Buy a house or vacation home
  • Review your investment portfolio
Retirement Planning Photo

Retirement Planning

  • Help ensure adequate retirement income
  • Government benefits
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Personal savings & investments
Tax Reduction Strategies Photo

Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Help minimize federal & state income taxes
  • Help protect against future income tax liabilities
  • Help develop long term tax reduction strategies
Estate Planning Photo

Estate Planning

  • Determine exposures to estate & inheritance taxes
  • Outline appropriate estate planning vehicles